Postal Tracking | Info on How to Track your Parcels, Packages & Shipments

Postal Tracking

Postal Tracking: Hello People!!! Ever tried to track your packages online? If, no then have a look at the below article on Postal Tracking. We have updated all the latest information how to track your parcels, packages and shipments in the below sections of this Postal Tracking article. You can even bookmark our official page at UPSTracking for further insights on Postal Tracking. Online Postal Tracking is one of best service offered by postal companies across the globe.

Postal Tracking – Info on How to Track your Parcels, Packages & Shipments

Postal Tracking Service allows you to check the delivery information for your consignment easily. India Post had 25,464 departmental Post Offices and 129,402 Extra-Departmental Branch Post Offices. Services include Letter post, parcel service, EMS, delivery, freight forwarding, third-party logistics.This is the biggest postal system in this country, which is operated by the government.

Postal Tracking

Furthermore, this Postal Tracking system is regarded as the most prevalent one in the world. Speed Post is the leading express service of India Post, it provides time-bound and express delivery of letters and parcels weighing up to 35 kg. Backed by UPU, EMS Speed Post offers high quality service to every corner of India and 99 foreign countries.

How to do Postal Tracking Online

  • Go to any of the Postal Tracking Website available online.
  • Find and enter the Tracking Number / Ref Number given to you during parcel booking.
  • Press track button.
  • Tracking results will be displayed instantly at the below section.
  • If you want go to full screen mode, you can press “Open in new window” link.
  • Your privacy is fully protected. We don’t store any tracking information.

Postal Tracking

While doing Postal Tracking please ensure that you are using correct number format to track your parcels. Tracking number formats for various types pf parcels are summarized below.

Tracking Number Format
Category Format No. of digits
Speed Post (EMS) Domestic EE233456789IN 13
International EMS Artilces to be delivered in India EE223256789XX 13
Electronic Money Order (eMO) 000000000000000000 18
Registered Mail RX123456789IN 13
Express Parcel Post XX000000000XX 13

Where To Find Postal Tracking Numbers

Postal Tracking Numbers can be found at receipt given to you at the Post Office during the time of booking.

Postal Tracking

How to know the Status of Postal Tracking

India Postal Tracking also provides an SMS service for customer to track their articles. For Example, if you need to track EE123456789IN, you need send SMS in below format to 166 or to 51969.

Postal Tracking



  • Use all CAPITAL LETTERS in the SMS.
  • You can only track last two months status only.
  • The service is available from all the service providers in the Country.
  • Rates charged by the Service provider are applicable.

List of Items that can be tracked

  • Registered Letter
  • Insured Letter
  • Value Payable Letter
  • Insured Value Payable Letter
  • International Tracking India Post
  • India Post Passport Tracking
  • Track Consignment India Post
  • Registered Packets
  • Value Payable Parcel
  • Insured Value Payable Parcel
  • Registered Periodicals
  • Registered Parcels
  • Insured Parcel
  • Business
  • Business Parcel COD
  • Express Parcel
  • Express Parcel COD
  • Electronic Money Order (e-MO)
  • International EMS
  • Electronic Value Payable Parcel (eVPP)

How does Indian Postal Tracking Works

The Indian Postal Tracking System is updated periodically to provide you with the most current information available about the location and status of your item. You will be able to find out the following:

Postal Tracking

  • When your item was booked.
  • When your item was dispatched and received at various locations during its Journey.
  • When your item was delivered.
  • When a Delivery Intimation Notice was issued to notify the recipient that the item is available for deliver

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